What.   Is.   It ?

What I've read so far on 'Creativity' is a bit like what I've read on 'Design Thinking' academics trying to define a buzz word and concrete 'the sign' (in this case the term) to an ambiguous (lets face it there's no 'common' elements that are convincing) set of .. values. The argument almost becomes a battle of linguistics. The chain of argument which is largely empirical or behaviorist is weak - and quite meaningless.  Maybe the academics are hoping that if enough of them agree on what 'Creativity' means - then that'll become the common agreement ..the truth ..  after all that's how semiosis works. (and research  ((don't shoot me))

I also think there are philosophical issues which come to mind like 'Is Creativity a Universal? and if so, then, does it even exist?' This path leads nicely to the fact that if creativity cannot be explained then it may be easier to start with - what Creativity 'is not' (deductive reasoning)

Then others state the obvious. Process. From divergent (play, open) to convergent (decision, closed) thinking. (Although I see this more of a popping in and out of both, feedback looping type scenario)

Nothing I've read so far has come even close to striking a chord with me until I came across this video of John Cleese talking about creativity. (It also has a FAB ending)

So good. Sooooo much better than the million of LAME TED talks by 'top design professionals'

I follow Improvisation Blog Which is penned by fellow kiwi Mark Johnson. How I came across the site is a bit odd, I basically saw him blogging at Ascelitite 2012 and decided to look it up. The guy is a machine and he pretty much spouts intense and intriguing thoughts around all things Ed Tech and HE related.

Anyway, he had posted the video on his post on Creativity (which is a breath of fresh air). As a designer and artist I can relate to 'defining absences' (which agrees with me more than 'making new connections')(Tho Cleese explore this admirably).

This is why I simply adore 'the space in between' I am in love with it, it's what all artists seek, and it's what all viewers search for. There's an is-ness and at-ness about the experience, epiphenomenal qualia. To me, this is the creative space.

My whole life I've been called a 'creative' and 'unique' person.. to the point where I wasn't sure if it was a complement or not. And when your livelihood depends on being creative and clients expect you to come up with amazing creative solutions each time - well that can threaten what creativity is - a fun, playful and experimental endeavor!  It feels strange to try to define something which is so personal. It's like defining 'love'.

I'll protect my creative ways and nurture them, avoid exhausting them. Go to cafe's - visit galerrys, walk in nature and continue to feel inspired.

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