Polyrhythm and mixed meter

"Although most often discussed in music (in time) an analogous form of the aesthetic of polyrhythms can also be an organizing principle in the fine arts (in space). Polyrhythmic design aesthetics are a deep and rich vein in two dimensional pattern creation especially in African and Asian art. It is a prominent design motif and can be found in many Japanese kimonos and African fabric prints and also especially in the fabric batiks of India, and in many other eastern cultures. In western art, polyrhythmic design elements can also prominently be seen in the latter works of the 20th century European painters Matisse, Joan MirĂ³, and Mondrian among others. There is also a strong polyrhythmic approach apparent in many current original American quilt makers designs, and also in some of the quilts that exist from earlier periods of this popular ongoing folk art." - Wikipedia

I like this too, visual representations of music intrigue me deeply.

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